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We're proud installers of
Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are a renewable heating solution that extract heat from the air outside your property to provide warmth and hot water inside.


As well as being a better choice for the environment, they are highly efficient and can save you money on your energy bills.

Benefits of
Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are the most popular choice for homeowners across the UK, this is due to the minimal amount of disruption required to adapt your home to suit this form of low temperature renewable heating and the lower installation cost factor.


The unit itself sits outside, whilst indoors you have an unvented hot water cylinder which is the same as most hot water cylinders installed within new build properties that use a fossil fuel heat source.


If space is an issue, there are various options for keeping the overall footprint of the equipment down. 

Air source heat pump


As a reputable and responsible trades business, we ensure all our team are highly qualified and our business is accredited with all relevant governing bodies.


We offer consultancy to help you choose the right renewable heating solution for your home, business premises or property.


We provide expert advice on the best heating systems for your needs, ensuring you get the most efficient and suitable set up.

We also help businesses and contractors with consultancy services.


Alter Eco Renewables will provide a system design for each of our renewable heating projects and installations.


Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create the most effective and efficient sustainable heating solution for your needs.


This can also be offered as a stand alone service for contractors just needing support with designing systems.


Our team specialises in the installation of energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective renewable heating systems, such as air source heat pumps.

We pride ourselves on our passion for renewable heating and in the quality of our work.


We ensure a professional and comprehensive installation service to help you reduce your carbon emissions and energy bills.


Will air source heat pumps work when it's cold?  ​Theoretically, you can install a heat pump in any property and it will work - the bigger the house the bigger the heat pump. Some larger properties may even need 2-3 heat pumps depending on the heat loss of the property. Most heat pumps on the market today will deliver at least 50°C of hot water at an outside temperature of -20°C to -25°C degrees. This is more than adequate for our UK climate. The main reason you hear stories of them not working is due to poor installation and poor system design. We guarantee all our installations will meet the required heating demand when it matters the most.

Is my home suitable for an air source heat pump? ​The answer to this question is dependant on the below factors.  Do you have adequate loft insulation? 300mm is the ideal benchmark, but 200mm will still be suffice. Generally if its lower than 300mm we would recommend this is upgraded prior to the install to reduce the heat loss of the property. We would deem this a low cost home improvement.  Do you have cavity walls and are they insulated? It is not vital that they are insulated, but it is however highly recommended. Having them insulated will reduce the overall heat loss of the property, this results in a lower output heat pump which reduces installation costs, and also significantly reduces radiator sizes (if they are the chosen emitter) and running costs.  What if I don't have cavity walls? Having cavity walls is not essential, but it would be beneficial for various factors. You could still however achieve lower running costs by running a Heat pump over a fossil fuel heat source, this can be advised in the specification stages once a full heat loss survey has been carried out. We can provide performance estimates which indicate what the estimated cost would be to heat your property per annum for all types of heat source.   Do you have enough external floor space? Heat Pumps are generally 1m wide by 450mm deep, we ideally look for 2-3sqm area for the heatpump to be installed within with no obstructions. If the answered is no, heatpumps can be installed on walls or flat roofs. If you are unsure, you need not worry as all of this will be concluded during a technical survey. Heat Pumps can also be located much further away from the property if the space is available, we use a special pre-insulated pipe duct which means you can site the heat pump as far as 20 meters away and not lose any of the heat or efficiency.

Are air source heat pumps noisy? The honest answer to this is no. On average they operate at about 50 - 60db. This is equivalent too the sound your fridge produces when it's running at maximum. When the heat demand is lower in the property, they make less noise as the heat pump is not having to work as hard. We carry out sound pressure checks to make sure they won't be a nuisance for you or your neighbours. This is mandatory for every heat pump installation.


Alter Eco Renewables can help you understand what heating system would be the best fit for your domestic home or commercial property, so we're happy to discuss options with you. 

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