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Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, also known as Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) is the leading form of ventilation that cuts out almost all of the ventilation heat losses, which make up to 30% of the heating usage in a property.


MVHR has proven to be consistent in feeding fresh air into each room, as well as extracting stale air where needed, with minimal heat loss, making it a natural fit for our renewable heating technology offering.

Benefits of

MVHR provides a continuous supply of fresh air to reach good indoor air quality, using filters to extract pollution, pollen, small bugs or other undesirable elements from the air before feeding into your property.

It is effective at retaining heat inside too, which makes it a sustainable and efficient option for any homeowner or property owner with ventilation needs.

MHVR unit


As a reputable and responsible trades business, we ensure all our team are highly qualified and our business is accredited with all relevant governing bodies.


We offer consultancy to help you choose the right renewable heating solution for your home, business premises or property.


We provide expert advice on the best heating systems for your needs, ensuring you get the most efficient and suitable set up.

We also help businesses and contractors with consultancy services.


Alter Eco Renewables will provide a system design for each of our renewable heating projects and installations.


Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create the most effective and efficient sustainable heating solution for your needs.


This can also be offered as a stand alone service for contractors just needing support with designing systems.


Our team specialises in the installation of energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective renewable heating systems, such as MVHR.

We pride ourselves on our passion for renewable heating and in the quality of our work.


We ensure a professional and comprehensive installation service to help you reduce your carbon emissions and energy bills.


Where should MVHR be installed in my property? MVHR units are fairly sizeable, especially the higher quality ones on offer. Air needs space to move efficiently (and quietly) and factors like insulations levels can also inform how large of a unit you need. As MVHR need regular maintenance to keep them operating at an efficient level, they will require easy access and space to move around the unit. We aim to minimise the number of ducts needed around the property so we will work with you to find the best, suitable location to install with minimal inconvenience to you.

Is it possible to retrofit a MVHR system? It is a lot easier to install during renovation work, as the area needed can be planned suitably for the space and usually installed with less distruption and challenges. It is however possible, depending on the size and layout of the property. We would do an initial consultation on any retrofit installations to ensure it is not only possible, but can be fitted safely and effectively.

Do I need a MVHR system? Customers have a range of reasons for adding a MVHR system into their property. Those residing in a noisy environment often opt for a MVHR system to allow fresh air into their homes without the need to open windows, letting in noise (and also letting heat out). Same can apply for those suffering with pollen allergies or living in areas of high pollution. Commercially speaking, kitchens or store rooms are usually chosen to keep good air flow without letting in potential pollutants into the space.


Alter Eco Renewables can help you understand what heating system would be the best fit for your domestic home or commercial property, so we're happy to discuss options with you. 

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