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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating (UFH) is no longer considered just a luxury novelty, as more homes and properties are realising the sustainable benefits that underfloor heating can bring.


As well as being a better choice for the environment, UFH is highly efficient for larger homes and can save you money on your energy bills in the long-term.

Benefits of
Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating (UFH) has many benefits compared to conventional radiators in domestic homes and commercial properties. It's much more cost effective to run, and even more so when paired with either an Air Source or Ground Source heating system.

Underfloor heating is compatible with most floor surfaces, more hygienic than radiators and frees up wall space in your home.

Underfloor heating pipework


As a reputable and responsible trades business, we ensure all our team are highly qualified and our business is accredited with all relevant governing bodies.


We offer consultancy to help you choose the right renewable heating solution for your home, business premises or property.


We provide expert advice on the best heating systems for your needs, ensuring you get the most efficient and suitable set up.

We also help businesses and contractors with consultancy services.


Alter Eco Renewables will provide a system design for each of our renewable heating projects and installations.


Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create the most effective and efficient sustainable heating solution for your needs.


This can also be offered as a stand alone service for contractors just needing support with designing systems.


Our team specialises in the installation of energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective renewable heating systems, such as underfloor heating.

We pride ourselves on our passion for renewable heating and in the quality of our work.


We ensure a professional and comprehensive installation service to help you reduce your carbon emissions and energy bills.


Is underfloor heating really cost effective? Like with any new heating installation, there is an upfront investment. However yes, for most homes the heating costs for running underfloor heating is significantly cheaper than traditional radiator set ups. Underfloor heating is much more energy efficient, as heat is retained in the floor for much longer than radiators which tend to cool down quickly when turned off. When paired with an air source or ground source heat pump, it can boost the efficiency of a renewable heating system by up to 50% (compared to traditional radiators)

What's best - water or electric underfloor heating? Both have their purposes and it really depends on your home and lifestyle. For those wanting only a couple of small rooms fitted with UFH, such as ensuites, then electric may be your best option as it's less messy to install and for smaller spaces often still efficient to run. If you're looking for a whole home or property to be fitted, then arguably water based is going to be the best option for low running costs and maximum efficiency.

When is the best time to install underfloor heating? As UFH needs to be installed beneath flooring, most people decide to line up any installation when rennovating or moving into a new home, as any existing flooring will need to be removed, and once the install of UFH is in place, new flooring laid on top.


Alter Eco Renewables can help you understand what heating system would be the best fit for your domestic home or commercial property, so we're happy to discuss options with you. 

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